About You

  • Veteran hardcore/midcore player
  • Looking for a social FC to kick back and have fun on non-raid nights, where old content is run for fun/glamour while learning the latest content
  • Already has a static or doesn't need one
  • Knows that glamour lyfe is the best lyfe
  • Relatively chatty
  • Has mature humor

About Us

  • FC leader is an American slave driver who starts early in the day. Late nights (your time) will be the norm for her. You can find her on her raid nights yelling at her static as they progress. She's been playing since closed beta.
  • Her right hand man is an Aussie player who spends way too much money on glamour. And withstands her constant wrath. He's been playing since May last year.
  • We're a fairly laid back group that loves to chat it up and run old content for fun/glamour.
  • We're looking for like minded individuals to enjoy this game for many months to come and make this start up FC great!


  • We're blunt. If you're causing problems or disrupting the FC's dynamic, out you go. We generally follow a "3 strike" rule but serious problems will result in immediate removal.
  • We're 18+. Let's be adults who can enjoy the game with our mature humor without acting like 4 year olds.
  • When you get added, you'll be on probation for 3 weeks.

For further inquiries, feel free to contact Kirameiteiru B'dah or X'eta Barouk in game!
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